FlowCon International

FlowCon International A/S was originally founded in 1993 as a joint venture between the two dynamic balancing market leaders in Europe and the USA. The fundamental purpose of this union was to combine these two companies' knowledge for joint development of dynamic valves.
FlowCon International A/S was also appointed marketing and sales organization for the two owners on all external markets world-wide.

Today FlowCon boasts more than 50 years of HVAC market experience. Our offices in North Carolina, Singapore, Dubai and Denmark handle all sales and marketing world-wide. Furthermore we act as the sales and marketing organization of Griswold Controls' products out of the USA.

We are 100% devoted to dynamic flow regulation and pressure independent temperature control. We think "balancing" 24 hours a day and cannot suppress all of our exciting new ideas. FlowCon builds on innovation and shifts from idea to action very rapidly. Our goal is to offer a better product range and up-to-date Application know-how. Hence, we will be able, in cooperation with our distributors and other business partners, to offer the optimum solution for a well-balanced HVAC system

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